Book Illustrations

The Little Prince (2017 – on-going project)

A personal, modern take on the classic tale, in a style inspired by manga as well as the ukiyo-e tradition.

woodblock print, red, blue, the little prince, planets, wild geese, flower, volcanoes, kettle, mug, bread, jam

Illustrations for Magazine Articles

Rockabilly Time fanzine, issue #3 (2016)

Illustrations commissioned by Collectif Rockabilly:

An adaptation of J.M.Flagg’s “I want you” poster, featuring a character from the fanzine advertising their imaginary town.

digital, poster, pink, violet, turquoise, cream, brown, woman, beehive hairstyle, dots pattern, star

The cover page for a column introducing a visual artist, featuring a character from the fanzine expressing her delight.

digital, editorial, gold, orange, turquoise, petrol, woman, delight, vintage, typography

Illustrations for Stationery

Japanese 4 Seasons (2016)

These illustrations were made to postcards and posters, first sold at Japanese pop-culture convention Japan Expo Paris – hence the Japan-themed choice of animals. The winter illustration has a special place in my heart because it bases on a childhood memory 🙂

watercolour, grey-brown, white, red, woman, japanese macaque, snow monkey, snow, clouds, coldwatercolour, orange, red, violet, green, woman, tanuki, fox, treeswatercolour, blue, white, orange, black, green, woman, koi carps, water lilies, seaweed, underwaterwatercolour, pink, yellow-green, violet, brown, woman, mobile phone, sika deer, jizō, cat, trees, stone lanterns