…I’m Reine (pronounced something like “Renn” 😉 ), I’m an illustrator. Welcome among my ephemeral creatures 🙂

A Sample of my Work

Book Illustration (The Little Prince): Breakfast on Asteroid B612 (2017)

woodblock print, red, blue, the little prince, planets, wild geese, flower, volcanoes, kettle, mug, bread, jam

Stationery Illustration: Spring Bustle (2016)

pink, yellow-green, violet, brown, woman, mobile phone, sika deer, jizō, cat

Magazine Illustration (fanzine Rockabilly Time): We Want You for Hillbilly Town (2016)

digital, poster, pink, violet, turquoise, cream, brown, woman, beehive hairstyle, dots pattern, star

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Contact me: reine [at] creaturesephemeres [dot] net